0x, the decentralized peer to peer exchange protocol for crypto assets has officially introduced ‘Instant’ a simple, free and flexible way for developers to add token exchange functionality to any website or application. Following the successful launch of the second version of the 0x protocol, ‘Instant’ is an important next step.

The 0x Instant generator module forms a new and easy way to enable tokens purchases – at the press of a button a user executes a transaction with the 0x protocol taking care of the rest.

‘Instant’ offers developers flexibility and customization, enabling full control over the user interface – using the 0x engine, anyone can create their own or use one of the prepackaged UIs created by the 0x team. It is completely free to add to your site or app, the 0x Instant configurator site is now set up.

The tokenization of assets continues to happen at an accelerating pace, the world’s value is becoming tokenized, and 0x, backed by the likes of Polychain capital, has built the tools that allow this value to flow freely. 0x aims to address the growing number of new asset types that need a protocol to create the ecosystem required for both the creation and exchange of those emerging assets.

With that in mind, every business in the crypto ecosystem needs exchange functionality, and 0x ‘Instant’ provides a solution to that need. Using 0x ‘Instant’ you can now buy ERC 20 and ERC 721 assets in an easy-to-use, seamless, secure interface without the need for order books or the complexity of having to wrap your head around wrapping ETH.

“0x Instant provides a simple and intuitive interface that may be embedded in any website or app, allowing visitors to “1-click buy” Ethereum tokens with ease. Behind the scenes, each copy of 0x Instant pulls liquidity from a massive shared pool that is globally accessible.”  

Will Warren, CEO, and co-founder of 0x

Users have full control over the assets being offered and you can choose the source of liquidity. Users also may have their own specific pool or can tap into 0x’s networked liquidity. This will have the added benefit of bringing new users to the 0x ecosystem, deepening overall ecosystem liquidity by creating more transactions on the network and promoting the retention and use of tokens.

0x makes crypto exchanges more portable with ‘Instant’ configurator module


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