Emanate is a decentralized Audio Exchange protocol network that aims at facilitating  agreements between listeners, musicians and instant value exchange,  and other parties in the music sector. The whole artistic industry is full of work derived and inspired from the works of others. Without this concrete derivative work and collaboration, the art world would not be as huge as we see today.

The main idea that drives the Emanate project is getting the music creators and the artists to the forefront and ensuring that they are provided with quicker and fair compensation for their creativity. Our present day dominating style within the music industry have somewhat failed to ensure transparency and have automatically led to diminishing delayed, disproportional payments for artists and profits. Thus, with so many processes and intermediaries involved, there is a threat of unsustainability. With the more advent of Blockchain technology, the emanate project will eradicate such processes and aid in the creation of a full decentralized autonomous economy for music industry which will not only ensure more improved quality and transparency but will also ensure fair and immediate discharge of remunerations for artists.


Emanate platform will aid in developing a one stop audio exchange platform which will allow artists to promote and share their music while also allowing them to retain all rights to their publications and will facilitate monetization of the music shared on the platform. It  also aids with effective  promotion and collaboration. To the listeners, it would provide latest audio tracks and high quality sounds. With tokenization of the platform, users will also get an opportunity to earn MN8 tokens on the platform by taking part in a range of activities and contributing to the network. This is to say that the emanate platform will be that one place where a piece of audio can be placed for use on any platform and payment for every play. According to what Emanate platform will be like Emanate CEO, Sean Gardener, said “The revolutionary Emanate platform will be like Sound cloud but with micropayment monetization almost similar to Steemit.


The crypto space will be supported by the MN8 tokens which are developed on top of the EOS blockchain. The tokens will have several functions and will be used across the platform like Artists will need MN8 tokens to publish music for monetization, also, listeners may require MN8 tokens to consume audio and also Network node holders will need to stake MN8 tokens and may also automatically receive tokens as payment in return for the node operation services. Also, the tokens will also be used as payments for a multi-tier subscription for all users.


The Team behind Emanate is very impressive and particularly experienced and the core members have either categorically handled and managed successful projects or have contributed immensely towards one. Emanate CEO, Sean Gardner, has spent almost the last 12 years creating technical platforms and digital brand communications for top global brands and agencies. He has launched Augmented Reality projects in early 2010 and also produced Australia’s first branded Virtual Reality experience in 2014. Their CFO, Trent Shaw, has over 14 years experience in commercial digital platforms in the music and entertainment industry including years with Sound Alliance,eBay and Moshtix. Thomas Olsen, contributing as Head Of Music at Emanate, is a producer, DJ and Grammy Award nominated musician, well popular for his ‘Tommy Trash’ project which has carried him to the biggest stages in the world over the last 10 years. Thomas has worked with the likes of Ingrosso, Tiesto and Digitalism as well as remixing Zedd, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta and Empire of the Sun etc.


1) The MN8 tokens have a defined use on the platform and also have all the ability to generate value for users as the project develops its Beta platform.

2) The Clear Road Map: The Emanate project has a very well planned, articulate and network roadmap including a very detailed whitepaper showing realistic claims in terms of project development, which clearly reflects the efforts the team has put into making it a successful venture.

3) Impressive Team:  The teams behind Emanate are professionals with a successful track record of handling successful projects in the past. The cumulative and collaborative efforts of such experts can positively lead to another successful project and their clarity in their disposition as long as it is a very strong indicator of the same.


  • Extensive Marketing: The project will aim on a targeted and an extensive market strategy. On a positive note to address this challenge, the Emanate team has started getting into partnerships with companies and private individuals.
  • Stiff Competitions: With evolving rise in technologies, there have been several trials to create an ecosystem that solves the core problems like those the Emanate aims to solve. While with blockchain technology Emanate has a certain edge over others it will still be competing against many other projects with somewhat similar ideas.

While there has been series of attempts to address the problems facing artists and music industry, Emanate is providing the idea of creating an alternative economic model catering to the music industry using the advanced EOS blockchain technology. The project has shown steady development and the detailed proposed solutions seem very much realistic both in terms of scalability and addressing the issues. The revenue streams in addition with very strong use cases make Emanate a project that is bound to be very interesting, also, if you’re a music producer, music lover or a musician.

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