A new initiative seems to be gaining strength in the Bitcoin user community after Trace Mayer , investor and host of The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast, proposed to each user, hodler, and trader to join in celebrating the Bitcoin Genesis Block creation day by running a proof of keys.
For Mr. Mayer, the best way to celebrate this day is with a kind of “friendly activism,” withdrawing funds from all exchanges, custody services and similar that do not give users control over their private keys.
Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoins
Mayer is a fervent advocate of the motto “not your keys, not your bitcoins.” With this massive action, he hopes to raise some awareness of the true philosophy of the cryptocurrencies, while helping to alert the population about the dangers of giving such control to third parties despite the convenience and security that these services guarantee.
In a tweet posted on his account on December 9, Mayer expects thousands of people to join the initiative on January 3, 2019, a day on which there will also be a network consensus. Mayer hopes to repeat this experience each year as a “new Bitcoin cultural tradition.”

Let’s start a new #Bitcoin cultural tradition.
An annual Proof of Keys Celebration on Jan 3rd to declare monetary sovereignty by withdrawing all $BTC held w/ trusted 3rd parties to software we control private keys & do network consensus.
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