In today’s blockchain news, more government officials join the crypto team this time a government official from Iran’s vice presidency for science and technology who claims that the blockchain can help improve the national economy.

According to Alireza Daliri, the deputy for management development and resources at the vice presidency for science and technology, blockchain can help Iran coordinate with other international partners who are already benefiting immensely from this technology.

Daliri has noted some of the concerns other countries have regarding blockchain and the possible risks but he believes that this technology has much more positive potential that outweighs the negative.

He especially emphasized the infrastructure of blockchain and its immutability saying that the vice presidency is determined to implement the technology in multiple fields.

According to the local Teheran Times, members of the Teheran Sharif University of Technology have been working on the first Iranian blockchain-based taxi app and the group announced that this month they are excited to introduce the app.

However, the Central Bank of Iran has placed a ban on domestic financial institutions from dealing with decentralized cryptocurrencies. Despite the ban, many Iranians got even more interested in Bitcoin but in other cryptocurrencies as well especially during the anticipation of the US exit from the Iran nuclear deal.

The National Cyberspace Center in Iran has created a draft of the digital currency project that is backed by the country which is a plan in order to avoid the sanctions coming from the United States.

Back in October this year, the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network urged all cryptocurrency exchanges to keep an eye on the Iranian use of crypto because of the sanction evasion.

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