The co-founder of Stellar, Ripple, Mt. Gox and e-Donkey and a prominent personality in the world of cryptocurrencies, Jed McCaleb, is in the daily cryptocurrency news for his thoughts on the TRON altcoin.

According to McCaleb, the TRON cryptocurrency is “just garbage.” As he said when asked about his takeaways from the crypto space “beyond the price,” he is “wild to watch” the way that capital is invested in crypto projects and that with a reduction in market capitalizations and token prices, things begin to smooth out.

McCaleb noted:

“One of the nice things that comes with the market calming down—I still say it’s not a bear market—it means there’s less of that.

Ninety percent of these projects are B.S. I’m looking forward to that changing. Things like Tron, it’s just garbage. But people dump tons of money into it, these things that just do not technically work.”

TRON is a very interesting project to poke at, according to McCaleb. Even though the altcoin has recently outperformed Ethereum in terms of actual smart contract development and usage, McCaleb had no further justification as to why the TRON cryptocurrency is “just garbage.”

When asked about Stellar, McCaleb said that the altcoin is poorly marketed, noting:

“I don’t think they do. We’ve done a pretty poor job of marketing it and telling the world what Stellar is about. I think they have a vague notion that it’s for payments, but I don’t think they know the details and the real power of it. We’re hoping to change that in 2019, but it’s a process.”

This type of tribalism in the crypto circles is nothing new. However, a lot of things are steaming up this year and the rivalry between several altcoins is greater than ever before.

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