According to an MIT technology review that was published a day ago, this is the year when the blockchain will become normalized so we are going to find out more about it in today’s blockchain news.

The Review is a magazine owned by the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in their article, there is an overview of the recent history of the blockchain. The article reads that the technology should disrupt the global financial system back in 2017 but failed to do so in 2018 as well.

However, the Review says that this year many new projects will emerge and many large corporations have plans to launch blockchain-based projects so this will essentially be the year that blockchain becomes normal.

The magazine gives an example of how the entire blockchain sector can get transformed after many Wall Street players enter the market such as the New York Stock Exchange and the investment giant Fidelity.

Another example is the improvement in smart contracts that will lead to use in multiple legal contexts that will bring the blockchain one step closer to mainstream adoption. The final argument in the article is that the normalization process of the blockchain technology and the entire crypto sector will lead to the reshaping of the entire crypto ideology.

One year ago in January, an analysis showed that the heat surrounding the blockchain revolution is captured by the many lucrative possibilities that the technology has to offer. Businesses that use the word tech in their name has become a buzzword that increases the chances to enter and boost their business on the hyped market.

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