The hacking group ‘’thedarkoverlord’’ is in our crypto news again today after releasing the first layer of the five containing 9/11 documents relevant for the terrorist attack on the world trade center in New York.

The group claims to have information from multiple insurance and law companies that stored confidential information about the terrorist attack. Twitter has already suspended their account so they moved to Steemit because of its censorship-resistant platform. They have only managed to receive about 3 bitcoins so we could say that the ransom was a total failure. For this reason, they decided to publish the first layer of the documents.

The hackers were honest enough to say that they only care about the money and not the truth. In their blog post they say:

‘’Consider our motivations (money, specifically Bitcoin), we’re not inclined to leak the juiciest items until we’re paid in full. However, in the interest of public awareness and transparency, we’re officially announcing our tiered compensation plan. Below, we’ll announce the required cost to release each layer of damaging documents that are filled with new truths, never before seen.’’

In the blog post, they even have written down the pricing scheme.  Since the 9/11 event is a major event in US history and many are trying to find out the truth, the group made sure they weren’t kidding by releasing the first layer. The terrorist attack changed the entire way how the United States used to be. One of the government agencies that were a result of the attack is now the Transportation Security Administration which costs the government billions of dollars.

Some of the posts that the group publishes aren’t quite as interesting and some people even think that they are bluffing. Whether or not this is the case we can only wait to see and find out.

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