The authorities have managed to arrest twelve people involved in the kidnapping of the American businessman William Sean Creighton that happened in Costa Rica but there are still no signs of the man despite the paid ransom. In our crypto news of today, we find out more.

Three of the suspects were arrested in Spain while the other nine were arrested in Costa Rica and it has been more than three months since Creighton was kidnapped. His family paid a ransom of almost a million dollars in Bitcoin which was demanded after he disappeared. There have been rumors that his body was found last October but turned out that the rumors were false.

The three suspects that were the main organizers of the kidnapping fled to Cuba first and then went to Spain where they stayed until their arrest.

All of the tourists that travel to Central American countries are urged to pay as much attention as they can because of the high crime rate. There is even high gang activity in certain parts of Costa Rica. The US State Department issued several warnings:

‘’Pavas and Hospital neighborhoods in San Jose – Criminal assault and homicides have been reported in these areas. Gang activity, such as territorial disputes and narcotics trafficking, has been reported in Pavas in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy.’’

There is also another case of kidnapping but in Norway where millionaire’s Tom Hagen wife was also kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded that the ransom should be paid on Monero and that the police must not be involved. However, the police did get involved and said to the public:

‘’Our goal is to find the woman alive and reunite her with her family. In serious crime cases, time is an important factor. We depend on tips that can help us come closer to finding Anne-Elisabeth.’’

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