B9lab, a leading provider of blockchain education and training with a global community of more than 14,000 students in over 160 countries, has announced the launch of their Community Blockstars Programme to offer free mentoring, training, and certification in Ethereum for 1,000 aspiring blockchain developers.

The Blockstars Community Programme aims to make quality education available for a diverse range of individuals from different cultural, professional, and geographical backgrounds and strengthen the Ethereum Development Community. There will be two intakes this year in March and October, each with 500 students taking the course at one time. Up to 250 seats will be funded by community partners, with the remaining 50% matched by B9lab.

“We are thrilled to be working with the community to further blockchain education as we are going to see the technology impact a wide variety of industries. We’ve witnessed an increasing demand for jobs in the space over the last few years, and we are excited to be training the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs.”

Damien Ducourty, co-founder of B9lab

Timeline for the first installment of the Community Blockstars Programme:

  • Selection process (Online test) – 31 January – 28 February
  • Developer course – 1 March – 3 May
  • Final project submission – 4 May – 1 June
  • Official certification – by 29 June

All participants will have access to B9lab course materials, instructors, and a range of other services provided by Community Collaborators. Participants who receive a grade of 80% or above will receive a B9lab Certification.

“It’s important for us to give back, and our mission with Blockstars is that it will empower the blockchain community and allow people from all walks of life to contribute to the development of, and participation in, the technology. The beauty of the programme is that people of all ages, locations, professions, and cultures can apply, which will ultimately help diversify the industry, creating a community that is open and inclusive.”

Elias Haase, co-founder of B9lab

Those interested in getting involved and becoming a Community Partner can do so by sponsoring seats in exchange for community access to top rising talent. Alternatively, participants can also donate their time, technology, or brain power in order to become a Community Collaborator.

If you would like to contribute to the community fund, interact with students, and find talented blockchain developers in the making who are looking for a job, get in touch with B9lab at blockstars@b9lab.com.


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