A member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Greece, Eva Kaili, made clear that banks have a way to much control over the deposits of the customers according to a blog post officially posted on February 8. In today’s crypto news, we will read about her stance on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

According to the blog post, Kaili commented at the Ripple Regionals event in London, the UK that happened last week. She pointed out that it came to her as a realization that central banks have too much control over the funds of all people after the huge debt crisis happened in Greece. While she was explaining, she was dedicated to making clear how the EU will regulate cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology and that the blockchain is a technology that will be here in for a long time in all sectors of life:

 “By its nature, blockchain technology doesn’t recognize borders. It’s unstoppable.”

However, she did warn the audience the technology can be challenging to understand or it can even be worse for those who don’t even try to understand it. Kaili explained the benefits of the blockchain for cross-border payments and stated:

 “If there are benefits for European citizens, there are no banks that can stop us from using blockchain.”

Kaili is one of the most important figures for funding the blockchain sector and development in Europe and provide clear regulations. Back in 2018, the European Parliament Committee On Industry Research and Energy passed a crypto bill that was authored by Kaili that shows the benefits of adopting blockchain technology.

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