eXo Platform, the enterprise collaboration software vendor, has announced the launch of eXo Rewards, a solution designed to solve the problem of employee disengagement at work.

eXo Rewards complements eXo Platform’s Digital Workplace solution with a collection of innovative and integrated software tools designed to enhance employee engagement and to develop a sense of belonging to the company.

eXo Rewards includes:

  • A gamification engine that counts interactions in daily business processes. Beneficial activity at work is promoted by automatically granting points and badges according to the company’s policy.
  • A system of kudos, which allows colleagues to thank and congratulate each other publicly through the enterprise social network. Kudos are freely and spontaneously given recognition tokens, which contribute to developing a culture of celebration and a feeling of recognition.

eXo Platform has now combined these two features with eXo Wallet — the blockchain wallet app recently unveiled by the company. Points and kudos earned by an employee are periodically rewarded by tokens in their own blockchain wallet.

A marketplace specific to each company then allows employees to spend their tokens. Both employers and employees can offer goods and services such as shows, training, outings, and so on, which other employees can buy directly from the marketplace with their tokens.

Finally, thanks to group wallets, these tokens can be pooled to fund joint initiatives (new projects, sports events, and charitable donations, for instance).

All token transactions are safely recorded in a blockchain, to ensure confidence in their value and to support a true internal economy that promotes employee engagement.

eXo Rewards helps to align the interests of employees and their employers. Indeed, employees are traditionally assessed annually on their performance by a manager. However, their real impact is the result of all the small things they do every day, which all add up. This new solution makes it possible to create a system of trust that is transparent, objective, and fair since it accounts for and rewards their day-to-day involvement.

At the same time, employers can leverage this engagement by setting up incentive rewards for behaviors and initiatives deemed virtuous or strategic. By developing appropriate and attractive engagement programs, it is now possible to reconcile a company’s strategic objectives with the development of its employees.

The beta version of eXo Rewards is available free of charge today.


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