The blockchain development company Blockstream is in the latest crypto news for releasing a new version of its Bitcoin (BTC) scalability software named ‘C-lighting’ according to an official blog post published on March 1st.

C-lighting comes as an implementation solution of the off-chain Bitcoin scalability solution – the Lighting Network (LN). It is written on the C programming language and the latest improvement is the first major release in 8 months, bringing performance enhancements, bug fixes, augmented privacy as well as many new features.

The main feature, according to experts, is plugin support which allows developers to extend the capabilities of the software through the plugins written in any programming language. With this, the developers hope that they will contribute to the flexibility, extensibility and customizability of the LN implementatinon.

The co-founder and CEO of Blockstream, Adam Back, last week talked at the LN-based Lighting Torch Bitcoin relay, where he passed the Torch on to the former PayPal COO and early Blockstream supporter – Reid Hoffman.

According to some data provided by statistics websites, the capacity of the Bitcoin Lighting Network has surpassed $2 million in December 2018. On top of that, there are more and more new releases of tools for merchants and developers in a bid to drive wider adoption of the Lighting Network solution.

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