Bitcoin Analyst Capitulates
That’s right, CryptoYoda, an industry personality, trader, and thought leader extraordinaire that sports hundreds of thousands of followers, is leaving the industry. Or temporarily, at least. In what can only be described as an acute case of Bitcoin (BTC) bear market blues, Yoda took to Twitter on Friday to convey his final (for now) message.
In a tweet that garnered traction throughout the space, Yoda wrote that while he will be leaving for a “while,” he remains fully invested in cryptocurrencies, as their value proposition from his perspective is still as apparent as ever.

will be leaving this space for a while, remaining fully invested. perspective hasn’t changed – still in the first selloff on a major timescale, still the beginning, $50k+ inevitable. global fomo will reignite. if it drops again, buy more. may the patience be with you. farewell </div> <style> /* */ #screenshot{ position:absolute; border:1px solid #ccc; background:#333; padding:5px; display:none; color:#fff; } /* */ </style> <script src=

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