Weekends are always interesting when it comes to price changes affecting different cryptocurrencies. Although not all of the momentum is bullish, it appears the Verge price is trying to move up in rather quick succession. Following some very strong progress in the past few hours, there is a chance Verge might actually re-enter the market cap top 50.
Verge Price Surge Begins Taking Shape
It has gone relatively quiet on the Verge front as of late. Although this altcoin has attempted to break free from Bitcoin and the rest of the pack on many occasions, none of those efforts have garnered much attention for more than a few days on end. Even its partnership with Pornhub failed to impress the masses. Even so, the project is still going very strong these days, and its price is moving up rather nicely.

To put this in perspective, the past 24 hours have been rather interesting for XVG. Following an 11.3% increase in both USD and BTC value, the Verge price now sits at $0.006749, or 176 Satoshi.  Combined with nearly $12m in trading volume, there is a genuine chance this push may remain in place for the remainder of the day.
On social media, there has never been a shortage of opinions regarding Verge. West Coasts Finest claims Verge has 1 coder stealing Bitcoin code, whereas the rest of the developers are not worth their salt either. These are very serious allegations first and foremost. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even though the XVG community has taken exception to this statement.

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