Blockchain technology has evolved beyond being a solely decentralised database for digital currencies. Now, the blockchain is being used to transform and disrupt traditional infrastructures in Africa from banking and healthcare to real estate and even ride shares. has compiled a list of 20 leading African blockchain influencers that are helping to make these changes happen.
Michael Kimani
Mic Kimani is the Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Kenya and co-founder at Chamapesa, a company using blockchain technology to digitise social savings groups in Africa. An expert with over five years of experience in the industry, Michael is considered one of Africa’s foremost cryptocurrency and blockchain thought leaders.

“The answer is to take inspiration from the world of cryptocurrencies and use the tokenized forms of financial assets on DLT. In this new model, the graph of settlement relationships starts to look identical to that of trade relationships.”
— Michael Kimani (@pesa_africa) March 11, 2019

John Karanja
John Karanja is the founder of BitHub Africa , a blockchain accelerator located in Nairobi, Kenya. He also founded the blockchain startup Whive , a peer-to-peer protocol that extends Bitcoin incentivising sustainable energy solutions through trustless rewards.

With #Blockchain #Banking is now a protocol Banks now compete with #StartUps 4 customers in this disintermediation process. The same thing happened in Transport Lending Hotel Communication because of the #Internet . The savvy will survive @BitHubAfrica
— qWainaina (@KaranjaJohn) January 22, 2019

Sonya Kuhnel
Sonya Kuhnel is a pioneer in the South African blockchain technology industry. She serves as Managing Director of the Blockchain Academy, co-founded the Blockchain Africa Conference , and BitSure that uses blockchain technology for retail payments.

I’m truly honoured to be one of the 50 women winners of the @cocreateSA #InspiringFiftySA initiative. Thank you @ogilvieone for the nomination & @HorbachBonnie for making this possible. Let’s keep inspiring women through education in #STEM !
— Sonya Kuhnel (@SonyaKuhnel) August 1, 2018

Tricia Martinez
Tricia Martinez is the CEO and founder at Wala , a zero-fee financial services app for emerging markets. She is a behavioural economist who has made her career in driving innovative technology solutions to underserved people in Africa.

Building a company is hard. Revolutionizing an entire industry is unthinkable for many. BUT if you have grit, surround yourself with passionate people who are better and smarter than you, and build for and with customers anything is possible! @GetWala @DalaFoundation
— Tricia Martinez (@TriciaTita) October 9, 2018

Vinny Lingham
Vinny Lingham is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of CivicKey, a company that builds blockchain ID platforms. He was the ICT Personality of the Year in South Africa in 2008 and Shark Tank’s first bitcoin investor.

And yet, there I was arguing that Bitcoin wasn’t “yet” a #storeofvalue … <img src="×72/1f926-200d-2642-fe0f.png" alt="

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