Former Chief Operating Officer and Mozilla was appointed as the new executive director and CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation according to an announcement that the company published via press release that we are reading more about in our cryptocurrency news today.

Jed McCaleb, the currency executive director and co-founder of the Stellar Foundation, will focus on the adoption strategy and the network protocol since he is the chief architect. According to the press release, while working at Mozzila, Dixon helped the company to fight for the much needed net neutrality and improved control over personal data.

McCaleb explained that the advocacy of Dixon for the net neutrality, privacy and encryption mean a lot for the organization since she also has a huge experience in leading operations and running a business and that he finds her work on policy indispensable.

Dixon wrote as well on the Stellar blog post, expressing her excitement for working with Stellar by saying:

‘’I know that I am at my very best when my work has a purpose, and when I’m pushing for change. And that’s why, on May 1, I am joining the Stellar Development Foundation as the Executive Director and CEO.’’

She also continued:

‘’And–perhaps most relevant to my future at SDF–I pushed Mozilla to understand how to partner with commercial entities without neglecting its core mission. Among blockchains, Stellar is uniquely positioned to connect to existing payment infrastructure, and it’s growing those connections that excites me the most. Throughout my professional career I’ve seen that when an organization embraces openness, attends to the community, and owns a mission, it inspires innovation and harnesses constituency power.’’

Mozilla is known mostly for its Mozilla Firefox web browser as one of the leading browsers that were initially released for public use 16 years ago, exactly in 2002. The company also announced that this summer it will block the browser-based cryptojacking in the next versions of the web browsers.

Currently, there are a lot of changes happening in the crypto world mainly in giant companies such as CasperLabs which decided to appoint Vlad Zamfir, the ethereum foundation researcher as a lead consensus protocol. Also, Maro Lim, a former Goldman Sachs executive was appointed as a managing partner at the crypto-based hedge fund MaiCapital while in the same time the New York-based fintech company TrueDigital hired ex-Bridgewater Associates COO Thomas Kim as the new CEO.

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