As this somewhat promising weekend of cryptocurrency trading trucks along nicely, it will be interesting to see which markets can continue their uptrend. For the time being, there are some projects which note strong gains, whereas others are still uncertain about their future direction. The Holo price is surging once again, which is a welcome sight for holders after a few rough days.
Holo Price Reclaims Some Lust Ground
It is not uncommon for altcoins to come under pressure when Bitcoin is turning rather bullish out of the blue. That scenario doesn’t always apply to all alternative markets, which is only to be expected. Right now, it would appear Holo is moving up rather nicely, primarily because it doesn’t note any losses over Bitcoin As long as that situation remains in place, there is a good chance this price run could continue for a while longer.

Over the past 24 hours, the Holo price has undergone some peculiar changes. More specifically, there is a 14% gain in USD value, a 10% gain over Bitcoin, and a 7% increase over Ethereum.  All of these changes are incredibly promising for this altcoin, assuming they can be sustained. That will mainly hinge on whether or not the $13.2m in trading volume will act as support or turn into ballast dragging the price down. For now, it seems to be doing the job, as the Holo value reached 30 Satoshi once again.
On social media, there is a lot of excitement regarding the current HOT price trend. That is only normal, as there are quite a few bag holders who bought in after or during the previous price rush. Dr. Holo, for example, is pleased to see Holo rise so strongly after a rough week. When people get overly excited about such gains, however, there is a good chance the momentum will sour pretty quickly.

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