Totle, a decentralized crypto exchange aggregation tool and LiquidSwap, a just-launched decentralized crypto exchange platform, today announced a partnership to make ERC20 swaps available on the LiquidSwap platform.

According to the announcement, LiquidSwap will be using the Totle API to ensure all decentralized ERC20 exchange use cases have enough liquidity.

Features expected to be integrated include: 130+ ERC20 tokens; a smart order routing system that helps users find the most suitable prices, order split up through several DEXs with gas price consideration.

“Partnering with companies like LiquidSwap is core to Totle’s mission. Each integration brings further access to DEX trading to users of all backgrounds. Totle’s “one-and-done” API integration ensures that individuals will have access to the best liquidity (lower spread, more trading options, etc.) and best prices (we check across the DEXs so you don’t have to!), thus lowering the barrier to entry. Totle is DEX trading made simple and successful.”
– The Totle Team

Totle’s API and suite of smart contracts work to seamlessly compare prices and route orders across leading DEXs.


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