The premise of digital currencies based on cryptography (of which Bitcoin is the forefather) is decentralization.
Each exchange of values ​​(transaction) is validated by the community of users of the network: as regards Bitcoin, to validate transactions it is sufficient to provide computing resources and thus become a miner.
Each validated transaction is recorded on the publicly accessible “ledger” called Blockchain.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, the MasterNodes are particular servers that perform useful work for the functioning of the network: for example, they can make money transactions between users “private” or faster.

In return, each MasterNode receives a commission that can be quantified in thousands of dollars a month.
Not all cryptocurrencies use MasterNodes, but choosing an appropriate one to invest money and technical skill in is an excellent source of income.
So let’s see how a MasterNode works, what MasterNodes are, and how to get one.

What is a MasterNode?

The MasterNodes are servers that take care of performing useful work to facilitate transactions.
In particular, each MasterNode:

    – hosts a copy of the entire blockchain
    – facilitates the exchange of messages on the network
    – validate transactions
    – vote for acceptance or rejection of ecosystem improvement proposals
    – vote for projects to be funded
    – allows for immediate transactions (functionality called InstantSend) bypassing the long waiting times required for validation by the miners.The consensus is in fact reached between the various MasterNodes, which then guarantee the transaction and report it on the blockchain, cutting off the slowest miner from the process
    – allows anonymous transactions (PrivateSend), or transactions in which it is not possible to trace the sender’s address and / or the recipient’s address

Anyone can activate a MasterNode, as long as they possess the appropriate requirements; obviously the prospect of earning such a sum is extremely palatable. The problem usually is that activating a MasterNode is extremely expensive; the second barrier is of a technical nature.
The initial configuration and daily maintenance of a MasterNode is quite complex, and requires a good experience with Linux in the server environment. Were it not for another reason, it is imperative to constantly worry about security: we are talking about keeping a really considerable capital of money safe, which is an extremely attractive target for crackers and scammers of all kinds, all this has changed.

MasterNodeVPS has introduced a new standard that is making it one of the most popular and attractive products.
Being a structure specialized in hosting, it allows not only to be able to choose the package most suitable for your crypto project, having a solid and secure technical structure at the most competitive prices of the industry, but also to combine other products such as registering domain names, certificates SSL, Backup services and much more.

So to sum up, if you want to undertake this type of project is the right choice for you: you won’t regret it.

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